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What Brings You Joy?

I have been meaning to blog for the last few weeks. Truth be told, I’ve had a blog in my head that I’ve been trying to get out for a while… but it’s not coming together. In the meantime, I ran across this poem I wrote about rhyming… and it made me happy to read it. Thought I’d share…

Why I Rhyme…

Rhyming makes me happy
and I do it just for fun.
Whether early in the morning
or after the day is done.
It’s llike mixing words and music
in a happy sort of way.
It’s magic, love and passion
all hanging out to play.
I need no other person
just my paper and my pen.
Getting started is as easy as
asking who, what, why and when.
Ideas pop up and grab me
as the answers do appear
I never know which way we’ll go
happy, laughing, crying, fear
Here’s one thing I’m cerain of
whenever I do rhyme
I can’t think of any other way
I’d rather spend my time
And as you think about your days
and what you do for fun
Take time to laugh and spread some cheer
to each and everyone
Do you have something special, too?
Something that you love to do
That makes you laugh and smile big
and jump and shout just like a kid
I hope you do and that you find
it fills you up with sweet sunshine!


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One thought on “What Brings You Joy?

  1. Shelley Johnson on said:

    Reading this did make me smile 😁. You have so many creative talents, Rashel, it’s kind of a shame you have to “work”! Although, you somehow are able to squeeze some time in for your passions. Lucky us!

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