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Snip… Snip… Grow!

It’s known by many names. Clearing the clutter. Letting go. Pruning. Releasing. Call it what you will, the act of getting rid of what no longer serves you is a helpful process in life. (snip… snip)

It stood out to me a while back when I was gardening. We’d had some particularly hot days and there were some leaves on the plants that were brown and no longer healthy. I took some time to do what my Mom taught me about gardening a long time ago… snip off the brown unhealthy leaves.

It dawned on me that this is really a great metaphor for our lives. How many brown, unhealthy leaves are you continuing to nourish with your time and energy? What activities, people, and items in your life are no longer serving your ability to grow and thrive in the direction of your dreams!

The reason you snip off the brown, dying leaves is so that they won’t continue to suck up the water and nutrients needed by the healthy leaves and branches that are still trying to grow!  Makes sense, right? However, in our daily lives, it can be a little more difficult to recognize the “brown leaves” that are weighing us down. If only we could have a system to help us, right? Good things would be rose-colored and in full focus while the things that are not working for us would start to grey out and become faded. I’m just sayin’!

Anyway… I encourage you to think about what is working for you… and what is not. Where are the brown leaves in your life that you can snip away? Where are you directing energy that is not serving you? The past is a common place to lose energy. Trying to change someone else into someone they’re not… another good way to send vital nutrients into areas that won’t help you grow! Anything that’s taking up hours of your precious time, whether it’s Facebook, games on your phone, or television… make some choices about how you want to spend your time… and what is truly nourishing your dreams and bringing you fruit!

Reach for the stars!!  ~Rashel


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2 thoughts on “Snip… Snip… Grow!

  1. Shelley Johnson on said:

    I love this one a lot! You are so insightful 👍 have a great time this weekend. Don’t worry about your sweet Lucinda😏😘

    Sent from my iPad


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