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Hello Old Friend…

Hello old friend. Sitting over there calling my name. I’ve heard you calling for quite some time now. Oh how I’ve heard you calling. You thought I couldn’t hear you… but alas, it was simply fear standing between me and your outstretched arms. You would sometimes catch me unawares… with your beckoning stance. A quick catch of the breath… and a sigh… oh how I longed to return to you as if no time had passed.

But time has passed. And time has a funny way of skewing the innocent… the transparent… the simplicity of what is. It keeps me from falling easily into your arms and reconnecting with what was easy, simple and true. You see, now there are questions that stand between me and you. Between me and the outlet that you provide. The resonance that you give to my inner voice. There is a hesitancy in my gait… like a leg that has been broken… a composure that will never fully recover it’s stance.

The questions loom large in a broken space. What was? What is? The chasm that seems to extend to infinity between the two worlds. Who am I to write? What is it I hope to gain? What if no one connects? What if everyone connects? What is the value in exposing my own vulnerability? Is it an act of heroism… or hedonistic adventure?

I like the idea of re engaging in the world of blogging. I also know that life is a fickle, temperamental bitch who has way better boundaries than I am able to muster. We’ll see how it goes. Honk twice if you’re on board!! (beep beep!)

~love and light


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