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How Did I NOT Win that Basket???

So… this is funny. Luckily I can laugh at myself… and thanks to this blog, you get to laugh at me, too!

I have been reading and listening to a lot of different people talk about the art of manifesting lately. (Yes, still listening to manifesteverythingnow.com, just in case you were wondering). I decided to take a shot at actually implementing all this great information. I was doing a training this week and the location I was training at had a raffle going. At first I ignored all the fancy baskets and went about my business. But then at lunch I decided this was the perfect opportunity to practice manifesting.

Now… before I tell you what I did, stop and ask yourself what you would do. What if you saw a basket that you really wanted and you were going to try to influence your chances of winning… would you blow on the ticket… write your name extra fancy… wait till the very end of the bidding so your ticket was on top? And yes, I’ll admit, I have personally tried all of these tactics in the past. But now I am a student of manifestation… so of course I have a fully laid plan!

So, here’s what I actually did. I walked along the hall of baskets and picked the one I wanted. I took a minute to imagine myself winning the basket. I pictured myself using all of the items in the basket, ensuring that I was smiling and fully enjoying each of the items to the fullest. Then I did some muscle testing to see what unconscious beliefs I might be holding to keep me from getting the basket. (If you’re new to muscle testing you can google it or search it on YouTube – it’s pretty cool!). Apparently, I didn’t think I deserved the basket or needed it… so I did some Reiki and my own version of loving kindness meditation to release these negative blocks… ensuring that they were in fact gone with more muscle testing. YES, I was still training. Luckily these processes are quick and can be done mostly without notice from others. I kept my phone near me so that I would notice when the call came to notify me that I had won. I also let the participants know that I had entered the drawing for the basket and that I expected to win… so that they wouldn’t be surprised when I interrupted the training to answer the phone and accept my prize basket.

SO… as you probably gathered from the title, I did not win the basket. What happened? I was really surprised when I didn’t win. Didn’t I follow all the steps? I keep listening to these people talk about how manifesting is so easy when you release the unconscious blocks and focus your conscious attention on already having what you want. I felt like I did that! Maybe I was too confident? I have read that you should clearly define what you want and then release any need to have it. Maybe I was holding on too tightly to the need to have it?

Well… as is coming to be the theme here in my Spiritual Baby Steps blog… I seem to have more questions than answers. I intend to keep practicing the manifestation techniques. You might be laughing at all the silly things I did to try to manifest that basket. But, at least I’m giving it a shot. Who knows, at some point I might actually get it to work… and THEN you’ll be glad you’re following my blog!

Love and laughter to you all!!! ~Rashel


Aligning conscious beliefs with reality

I really do believe that our thoughts create our reality. I also believe that our external reality is a mirror of our internal state-our thoughts and beliefs, both conscious and unconscious. That said… I am still trying to explain and rationalize my experiences over the last two weeks. I got really sick – mentioned that last week. But here’s the thing… it kept going! I was forgetting things, got a parking ticket, had a platter shatter inexplicably in my hands, causing a severe gash in my left finger, forgot my work badge, causing lots of extra signing in and tracking down keys to my desk… it actually goes on, but I’ll spare you the drama! The point is… what happened? I don’t really  believe that things are random. Maybe I needed to learn something? But here’s the more important question… if I believe that my thoughts create my reality and that I have the power to alter the material world by how I perceive and take in the events in my everyday life… which I do… then why haven’t I had the ability over the last couple weeks to shift my reality from pesky negativity to joyous bliss? OK… that may be a little extreme. We can’t have joyous bliss all the time… can we? It is interesting when you listen to the latest gurus on manifesting and creating your reality… there is definitely a yay side and a nay side… one side says you can create all that you want – it’s easy if you let it be easy – relax and allow… the other side acknowledges that tough times exist and are specifically in our life to teach us – therefore we should welcome the hardship as a lesson and allow ourselves to be taught by the experience.

Well… I’m still coughing, exhausted most of the time, my finger hurts and my life feels generally chaotic and messy. I’m trying to bring my conscious awareness to what I am grateful for in each moment, rather than what I am frustrated with. For example, I’m glad my entire finger did not get sliced off… just a portion thereof. I’m glad my parking ticket was from a private group, which apparently charges less than the city of Walnut Creek when doling out the fines. But somehow, these attempts at glass half full are falling short of having any actual impact on the overall gist of my days. In general, I realize that my life is good. Great, in fact. And yet… there is that part of me that wants no friction… no interference with all things aligned and well… a part that wants bliss and nothing less! And of course, the ability to manifest this perfection at will. Too much to ask? I don’t know… doesn’t it seem like some people posses this ability? The ones that have fortune handed to them with the slightest effort on their part. You know what I mean! Then again, maybe that is just because we’re not seeing what is going on behind the scenes.

Alas, I will probably never write an actual book because it seems like all I ever do in this blog is talk about all the things I have questions about and never any answers! I like to complain about the fact that I’m doing all the work and not getting any of the results. That is not actually true, if I’m honest. I do see results and have noticed great progress in my life in how I communicate and work with others. Also, in how I view the world and expect positive outcomes for myself and others. I guess that’s why this little hiccup is causing me such a stir. I’m feeling off my game and I don’t like… no sir, I don’t like it one bit! I guess my quest over the next few weeks will be to notice what shifts my momentum.. because if there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that “this too shall pass” and I would do well to learn as much as I can from this part so I’m ready for the next go-round.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you’re able to relate. If you’d like to share some of your own journey with beliefs vs. reality, I’d love to hear. Wishing you laughter and joy in each and every moment – never hurts to put it out there!!!  ~Rashel

The Healing Bug…

I want to talk about an experience I had this last week. First of all, I signed up for this great teleseminar series through manifesteverythingnow.com – it’s been a very interesting set of phone interviews. The second thing that happened is that I got really sick. Like, the kind of sick that curls your toes. I was in bed, wiped out, fever, chills, exhaustion… not fun! It did allow me some time to re-listen to some of the audio calls, though (now that’s seeing the glass half-full, huh!!)

A funny thing happened while I was listening to these great audio calls on the power of energy medicine, the importance of our beliefs and the impact our thoughts and beliefs have on our actual biology. I realized I had the perfect case study. Usually, I’m listening to these types of audio programs when I feel good. Driving to work or otherwise consumed in the daily routines of life. Chaotic, yes… but state of crisis, no! Well… here I was, as close to state of crisis as I’ve been in a long time. So I figured this was my chance to try it out.

And so I did. I tapped pressure points using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), I listened to Brain Wave Entrainment audio, I muscle tested my unconscious limiting beliefs, I listened to Theta Brain Wave releasing audio, I did Reiki, I let go, and let go, and let go using the Sedona Method and I practiced the breathing techniques from Quantum Touch to release all blockages and limitations in my body and mind.

I know, right!!!  That’s a lot of implementation in the course of two days! Here’s what I found. I could definitely feel the energy when I was practicing Quantum Touch breathing and Reiki. I felt a sense of release when I was doing the EFT and listening to the brain wave and theta audio. Also, I noticed that my breathing was better and my chest was less tight during and immediately following most of the techniques. BUT… nothing really lasted. I was still in bed for 2 1/2 days. I was still exhausted and sick.

One thing that stood out to me as I was listening to these various folks who were being interviewed for the teleseries was that each and every one of them had a similar story of what got then into alternative medicine… after reaching a point of despair and experiencing said alternative therapy – they were then healed and then dedicated their life to helping others discover this amazing healing tactic. I then had my own little “aha” moment. YEAH… I want that! I want to discover my own little miracle technique so I can experience miraculous healing and then teach the world how to heal themselves. Is that weird? Is it just me?

The funny thing is… I don’t believe in  miracle cures! Or magic pills, for that matter! So, what makes me continue to seek out all of these various techniques and healing modalities? Well… it is much easier to look outside ourselves for the answers, isn’t it? There is a part of me that realizes that every single thing in my life starts with my thoughts. I believe that Science has it all wrong… First we are… then we Do… then we Have.  So for now, I’ll leave it at that. More to come next week on how I’m working on “being” in complete opposition to reality!

Love to all… and hope you avoid that nasty bug that’s going around!!!  ~Rashel

It’s Over… or is it?

Well, the Game On diet challenge is officially over as of today. It was interesting to notice my thoughts throughout the day… as I made choices about what to eat, when to eat, and how much. I had a diet coke today… the first in 4 weeks. It wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. I also ate pretty good… no crazy acting out or the like. I actually drank a lot of water, too. I’m really liking the water thing!

I lost a total of 5 pounds during the challenge. Not nearly as dramatic as most of my colleagues, who were touting their 7 pound weight loss during the first week! All were quick to point out the well-known fact that the weight you take off slowly tends to stay off… easy for them to say in their skinny jeans! Of course I’m kidding… I’m happy for all of my wonderful colleagues and friends who were able to follow the diet and lose weight. It is interesting though, that a key component of the game is the competition between teams. On the one hand I’m supporting this person… and on the other, I want to win – so yeah, you should go ahead and have that extra glass of wine!

I’m happy to say that I think some of the healthy changes I’ve made will stick with me. I’ve decided to start a maintenance group for those who have played the Game On diet and still want to maintain some of the changes… but won’t be playing another round. YES, some of the folks are actually playing another round. I know, right? Seriously! Anyway, I think the hardest part is usually maintaining. Most people can do the sprint… but the marathon is where you can really show off. (At least, that’s what I’m telling myself, cause I’m pretty sure I didn’t lead my team to victory!)

The one thing that doesn’t seem to have stuck too well is the sleeping. I enjoy sleep as much as the next person… but it’s really challenging to fit in everything I want and feel I need to do in a day into 17 hours. Geez… that sounds ridiculous when I actually write it out! Really? 17 hours is a pretty long time. It makes me realize that I probably spend a lot of my time being “busy” but not necessarily productive. Maybe in the maintenance group the goal will be to maintain the changes that seem to have stuck… and to find ways to streamline your day so you can have more time to prepare meals, exercise and relax! Seems like a good plan, anyway!

So… thank you all for obliging me this opportunity to share my short, but ever so painful diet journey. I’m curious about others’ ability to maintain after doing the diet thing. Did any of it stick? For how long? Let me know… and I’ll keep you posted on how it goes for me.

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