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Deep Down Inside…

I spent the day at a writing workshop. It reminded me how great it is to write! I sat with 4 other people who poured their heart and soul out on the page… and then shared it with the group. Such vulnerability… it was magical. Author and poet Roger Housden led the group.
I am sharing a piece from the day (unedited!)… I hope it inspires you to take a moment and consider for yourself, deep down inside… !

Deep down inside I know that there is much for me to give to the world. I am sure that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I need to be doing.

Deep down inside I don’t worry about whether I’m good enough or worthy of your time and approval because deep down inside I know that we are one.

Deep down inside I don’t question what I’m going to say, limit my words and thoughts, sensor my feeling and emotion. Deep down inside my true self is allowed to run free… to skip in the sunshine and swing from the tree branches.

Deep down inside the light shines brightly and I do not hide from it. I do not stay in the shadows and try to play small. I do not feel bad about being good at something or apologize for having an opinion.

Deep down inside I am good enough. I am not clouded by dark days. Deep down inside it is actually brilliant and filled with light. It sparkles as if studded with diamonds and glistens as if shimmering among pearls.

Deep down inside life is good… and whole… and pure. There is joy and contentment and an overriding desire to be of service. Deep down there is pain… but it is allowed to grieve and therefore does not become stagnant and all-encompassing. Deep down there is forgiveness and beauty and trust.

Deep down inside there is connection to all things. A current of source that flows through every cell. Deep down there is truth. A greater knowing of time and space that does not look like the time and space that we know up here… up here on the other side of deep down.

Deep down there is happiness and joy because happiness and joy cannot help but emanate from this space that is connected to source. This space that knows all and recognizes there is not so much good and bad… as much as there is “what is.”

Deep down inside there is what is… and “what is” is enough.



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