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Acorn to Oak

I was listening to a program recently that was giving the analogy of an acorn turning into an Oak tree. The basic take-away, at least according to my perception, was that we already have everything we need inside of us to become everything we are meant to be. The acorn, in its tiny seed form, holds the blueprint for a great, mighty Oak. Of course, there are the external factors that do have some influence on how well the tree grows and develops. Good soil, water, sunshine. But as long as the basic needs are met, the tree will grow and fulfill its destiny.

Could that be true for us humans as well?

And if it is true, how do we use this analogy to help us relax into becoming our best self? What are the soil, water and sunshine equivalents in our own lives? And how do we learn to distinguish between the necessary elements that will help us grow… and those that won’t, or even worse, actually hinder our growth?

I guess I’m wondering if I’m trying too hard. How would my world change if I believed that I already had all the knowledge I needed to be my best self? At this point in my life, I will admit, I’ve done a lot of seeking… read a lot of self-help books… and purchased more than my share of “healing” programs. If this acorn bit is true, perhaps I didn’t really need any of it? Or maybe a little bit is fine… like watering the plant… but too much is like a flood. (Certainly I need some of it as fodder for these blog posts, right?!!) I feel like I’m always trying to do things to learn and grow. To some extent that’s who I am and I like it. On the flip side, this constant struggle to always do more is exhausting.

Perhaps the answer lies in paying more attention to what feeds my soul. When it comes to so-called self-help books… Am I reading because I think I’m not enough and I need to learn more… or because the content of what I’m reading excites me and makes me want to keep reading? When it comes to volunteering… Am I saying yes because it’s something I want to do… something that will have a beneficial consequence to me or someone I love… or am I saying yes because I feel guilty and want others to like me?

Aha moment… I haven’t spent enough time making sure that the way I spend my time is supporting my best self. One example is magazines… I read a lot of them. I’m realizing I get a very small return on that time invested. Once in a great while I’ll apply the information I read… or pass it on to a friend. Most of the time, the information goes in and out… with nary an impact. Why do I keep reading magazines… and more importantly, why do I keep buying them? Maybe there’s a belief somewhere inside that reading magazines will make me smart… or that there will be information in there that cannot be missed? (Any therapists out there who want to weigh in?)

I’m making a commitment: Spend more time thinking about how I spend my time! This, by the way, is very much aligned with my theme for 2013 – my year for making conscious choices. I guess my take away is this… there are a lot of ways to spend time. If we already have the blueprint for success within ourselves… perhaps the best use of that time is to consciously choose things that make us happy or make us proud.

I encourage you to share your thoughts…

Love and laughter to you! ~Rashel


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9 thoughts on “Acorn to Oak

  1. Don’t forget there’s a lot of acorns that just don’t make it!! 🙂 However, they all have one thing in common, they all just ‘Be’. I share that incessant need to be doing something, to keep learning, to read, to improve, it’s so so difficult to just ‘Be’. But perhaps we should stop ‘doing’ and start ‘being’ 🙂

    • Hmmmmm… That’s a whole other post… The ones that just don’t make it!!
      That may just be the while crux of this lifetime… Learning how to just BE!
      Thanks for your comment. ~R

      • If you do decide to just ‘Be’, send me those magazines you don’t need anymore. We all need a little ‘downtime’ too!

      • Whoaaaa there! Hard enough to stop buying more… made no commitment to get rid of what I already have!!! Baby steps… baby steps!! Lol

      • Hi Rashelbell, No recent blogs 😦 I hope you are keeping well and still feeling spiritual

      • Hi Jerry- thanks for your message! I’ve been thinking about writing a lot lately… Your nudge is well timed! Spiritual steps are definitely still taking place! Hope all is well with you!! ~Rashel

  2. One other suggestion – spend more time thinking about what you appreciate in your life, what you’ve feel good about… Like a quote from James Arthur Ray I mention in my post (http://chasingwellbeing.com/2013/01/21/dont-mind-the-gap/), most of happiness is spending time thinking about the glass being half full. If you were to track your thoughts–positive on one clock and negative on another–which clock would have more time on it? I have been trying to tip that scale in the right direction and it’s been making a big difference. Good luck to you in your happiness journey. I enjoy your posts!

  3. Hi Rashel,
    Not sure if my comment went. No blogs recently, I hope life is well and you are stil taking those spiritual steps 🙂

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