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Tapped In or Tapped Out?

I took a class on Meridian tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), last week. It was very cool. If you’ve not heard of it, you tap specific points on your face and upper body as you repeat certain phrases having to do with any issue you’re having in your life. The idea is that as you tap on the meridian points and bring up emotions, the tapping will release the stored emotions from you body. Supposedly it will work on physical pain as well as emotional pain. Cool, right?! (one link… http://eft.mercola.com/ or simply google EFT)

Well, I’ve been tapping ever since. I’ve been tapping when I wake up… I’ve been tapping before I go to bed… I tap when I’m driving and when my kids are driving me crazy. I think it’s helping but, here’s the problem… I’m not seeing dramatic results. I didn’t lose 15 pounds instantly. I didn’t wake up this morning and find an extra 10K in my checking account. I didn’t get a call from Oprah asking if I could be in a new series on OWN television. So I’ve already started questioning what I’m doing wrong. Maybe it’s just not going to work for me. Perhaps this is not an effective method at all? I must admit, the skeptic in me is alive and well!

Hold on a minute here! Why so quick to judge? Why do I immediately think that I must be doing something wrong? Why do I expect things to change instantly when they certainly haven’t been instantaneous in becoming a problem in the first place? What kind of vibration am I holding when I expect instant results and then get disappointed when they don’t happen? Somehow I hold a belief that if a new belief is true, it must be instantaneous, complete and transformative. It’s not the first time I’ve been disappointed in something that may very well have been beneficial. As I was thinking about this topic earlier today and realized that I have, in fact, seen some results. I tapped on my congestion when I was fighting a cold earlier this week, and although the cold did not disappear, I woke up completely clear of congestion (which when I think about it now, is exactly what I was tapping about!).

I guess at this point all I can say is that the verdict is still out. This is where I usually lose traction… if I dont’ get instantaneous results, then I don’t continue. It would be very easy for me at this point to conclude that tapping doesn’t work, and stop doing it. It would also be easy to conclude that I don’t know for sure that tapping does work, and stop doing it. Instead I am hoping to continue tapping and pay attention. Are there small ways, here and there, that tapping is making a difference? Even if it isn’t the miraculous cure that I was hoping for… and truth be told, that is often marketed and bragged about in the media on tapping…  are there small improvements that I can notice that over time, just maybe, can make all the difference? More to come!

Happy tapping!  Love and laughter  ~Rashel


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2 thoughts on “Tapped In or Tapped Out?

  1. Instant results…hum, wonder where you got that notion “instilled” in you? Actually, I think that most of us humans are programmed that way. I think especially those of us that have become immersed in this high tech era we are experiencing right now. We do get instant responses & results with many things we do through out the day. So, why shouldn’t we be expecting quick or instant results with the holistic approaches we use in balancing our health & body?
    I have not had personal experience with tapping, although I am certainly open to trying it. I have, however used several other holistic practices to aid in my healing, as well as to just help my immune system stay strong while undergoing conventional medical treatments. How much of my healing, body strength, healthy mental state, and end result, was due to my holistic adjuncts? I don’t know….but I do believe ALOT. I was somewhat of a skeptic when I first starting having Reiki, acupuncture, chinese herbs, etc. But as time wore on, and my immune system stayed strong and I was able to function normally in most all areas, compared to others going through the same conventional treatments as me that were suffering….I had to admit, the biggest difference I could come up with was the holistic adjuncts I was doing and they were not.
    Be patient, journal your tapping, and I bet you’ll see the subtle changes as you read back through your journal. Xs & Os

  2. I have to agree, why expect something to change instantly, when it didn’t ‘become’ instantly? For me, the ‘key’ is to believe, and in that belief the feeling brings forth the outcome I seek – even if it comes in a way different that I expected.

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