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More on Reality…

I went on vacation last week… thus no post last Monday – sorry about that! There were quite a few instances that made me think of whether we do, or do not, create our own reality. On some level, I believe that we do… but I’m not always sure how…or for that matter, why? Our family was supposed to go to Disneyland for a week. At the last-minute, some pieces of the details fell through. We still wanted to do something so my husband did lots of web surfing and landed on pismo beach. Sounded good! Then we couldn’t get the place we wanted because they were booked. I started checking on condo rentals, but everything was full.

So, lets stop for a moment to consider… this was the reality I was creating.  The inability to find a place to relax and enjoy a getaway with my family. Stress and tension over where we were going to stay, if we were going to go, when we would know if we were going or not… you get the point. Nothing so great about that reality. If we create our own reality, then I was creating that. WHY?

Instead of continuing to stress out, I decided to focus on what I wanted to get from my vacation. Rest and relaxation! Not having to plan anything or hurry in any way. Laying on the beach or at the pool. Getting massages and body wraps. Doing yoga and going on hikes. Being around happy, well-rested people who want to do everything I want to do! Probably a little bit idealistic, but I tried to relax and assume that the universe would deliver one way or the other – even if the vacation didn’t end up seeming exactly like what I wanted – I would be open to the possibility that I would get exactly what I needed right now. Which, I will admit, is very hard to do when nothing seems to be coming together – but did the best I could.

Here’s what happened. My husband saw a picture one of our friends put on FB. He messaged her to ask about the place. She was having a great time and recommended it highly.  He booked it for 2 nights and put plans in the works to stay at a friend’s cabin for a couple more nights. Of course, we were planning to have a longer vacation than two nights and the friend’s cabin was not a sure thing, but I focused on what I wanted and played along. We headed off on our week-long vacation with two nights booked.

Everything seemed to slip into place as we went along. Car ride was seamless. We were upgraded to a nicer room upon checking in. The place had a pool and a spa and a slide! We put on our suits and headed to the pool for some relaxation. Then… 4:00 rolled around and it started pouring rain… thunder and lightning ensued. Really?

Here’s where I think it gets interesting. The dictionary doesn’t offer much distinction between fact and reality. I believe there is quite a distinction. The fact was that it was storming. But we each had an opportunity to define our own reality by determining our perception and reaction to the facts before us. Since hanging at the pool and lying in the sun were what we had planned for ourselves, it was very easy to get discouraged and feel like the vacation was not going well. However, it was also possible to grab the umbrella and find some new adventures… ones that we might not otherwise have had if it hadn’t rained. We ventured out and had a fun night… which included racing through some very big puddles! We spent a little more time in the room than we had initially thought we would… which made it even nicer that we’d been upgraded!

The cabin that we were hoping to get for the last 2 nights did not come through… are you noticing a theme here? We booked one additional night at the current hotel and then got invited to stay with some friends in their condo the last night. The extra day at the pool was the nicest of all (which we would have missed if we’d only spent two nights), we had a great time with our friends and in the end, had a relaxing, enjoyable vacation. And, looking back on my list of vacation desires… I did pretty good. We slept in every morning, we laid by the pool, I got a massage and did some yoga in the room. Pretty good. So… back to the question about creating our own reality. Did I do that? Did I just get lucky? Is creating your reality just a matter of choosing to see the positive aspects of the various “facts” that present themselves? Or is there more to it than that?  I don’t know… but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Love and laughter!!  ~Rashel


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7 thoughts on “More on Reality…

  1. Shelley on said:

    I love this question. It’s one I have pondered for some time. I’m still not sure how much we do or do not control or direct our own reality. I do believe that by clearly imagining what we want and/or need, and by putting those wants and desires out there, we have a clearer, overall picture and therefore it’s certainly more plausible we will find a way to achieve it. Good stuff Rashel. Thanks XO Mama

    • hmmm… well, since I believe in fate, destiny and things happen “for a reason”…I think we probably realize what we WANT to do, but how it is accomplished is not always in our control. The doors that SHOULD open do, others stay closed..Sometimes the soul knows what we need better than the mind does 🙂 (I must come here more often.)

  2. Jennifer on said:

    This reminds me of the research that’s been done about lucky people. Some people really are lucky and it is likely because they are optimistic and hence tuned into positive opportunities around them. It is nice to think that we could train ourselves to be luckier. Sounds like you had lots of “luck” on your vacation!

  3. Thank you for all of the great comments! It’s so fun to see the emails that say I need to moderate comments. It makes it so much more real! Thanks!!

  4. Lynn Devine on said:

    Hello Rachel. I think it’s great you have.a blog. I find the more I can stay in the present moments.
    The more gifts of life I recieve. Staying open and not trying to control that’s where I find true peace.

  5. Ah, You are speaking to a subject I have been thinking about writing about (did you see my post about my daughter’s hair 🙂 Life is messy, it can be very difficult and challenging. The facts of life are often out of our control. The reality though? It is usually entirely up to us. But, what a challenge at times!

    Glad the vacation ended up well…you worked hard to make it so. Good job!

  6. Whether or not the Universe does deliveries, what I love is that you were so “open”. I think you would have a great time anywhere 🙂

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