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Where Does Skepticism Fit In?

I’ve been thinking a lot today about skepticism. How does it fit into positive thinking and manifesting your reality? If you doubt… are you ruining your chances of success? Or are you strengthening your commitment to what you find “proof” for? What if you don’t find “proof?”

I believe in energy medicine. The research and explanations that I’ve read make sense to me. But more than that… there is a certain level of “knowing” that exists… a resonance that I connect with when I’m reading about energy medicine and how it works. It actually makes me feel good to read books about energy healing. Why is that? I have no idea. Does that automatically mean it’s real and it will work?

Well, I guess it depends on the “it” and how you define “work.” Or does it? Does it make a difference if you believe something will work or not? I tend to believe it does based on the placebo effect. With the placebo effect, a certain percent of the population will respond to a drug when they think it is active, even if it is,  in reality, simply a sugar pill. So, who are these people who allow their thoughts – thinking that this is an active pill – control their reality?

Why doesn’t the placebo effect work on everyone? I guess that’s asking a lot, considering the fact that the actual pill with an active ingredient doesn’t even work on everyone! My question that has come up recently is this… Is it only these susceptible people who can be “fooled” into the placebo effect that can be helped by healing modalities such as energy medicine? How much do you need to believe in order to receive?

Which brings me back to my initial question about skepticism. Where does it fit into the mix? It is definitely not the case that EVERY time you think something is not going to work, it doesn’t. Nor the opposite, when you do think something is going to work you do not, 100% of the time, find it to be the case. SO… it’s probably true, like so many human situations, that the answer is complex and variable. But where does that leave us when it comes to being skeptical… vs. naive… vs. something in-between. Is there something in-between?

What lies between skeptical and naive? I know many would argue that being naive can get you into trouble. But it might also be the case that being skeptical can prevent you from experiencing healing. If believing, as in the placebo effect, leads to healing… who cares if it’s a sugar pill or not? In that case, what is reality? Is it that the pill is made of sugar and should not really be making a difference? Or is it that, regardless of the content, the pill is making a difference? If we do, in fact, create our own reality – then wouldn’t it make sense that those who are “daydream believers” would end up having a better reality than those who are always looking for reasons why something isn’t going to work?

In the end, I guess I should say that I’m not trying to turn everyone into a Pollyanna who never questions anything and trusts everyone… although – at a certain level… wouldn’t that be nice??… I guess what I am saying is… open up… allow goodness… without being reckless, expect the best to occur – and recognize every moment that proves you right. That’s what I’m shooting for anyway… at least, this week!

Love and laughter to all!  ~Rashel


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One thought on “Where Does Skepticism Fit In?

  1. This is a great talk on the value of positivity! Check it out. ~R

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