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Tapping… it’s just cool!

This week I want to tell you about a very cool technique called tapping. It’s also referred to as EFT and probably other names I’m less familiar with. The thing I really like about tapping is that it’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s effective. Basically, the tapping process stimulates certain key points along pathways in the body called meridians. As you tap the pressure points, you also talk through what is bothering you and in the process, you release the blocked energy and the negative feelings.

When I first learned about tapping, it made sense to me. I’ve always been a fan of acupressure (Thanks, Mom!) I’ve used acupressure points over the years to get rid of headaches and other pain in my body. I also believe that when we repress emotions, they get trapped in our body and cause all kinds of negative side effects. So I immediately bought the idea that you could stimulate acupressure points to increase energy flow and release trapped emotions. I’ll admit that when I first tried it, I did feel a little akward. The acupressure I’d used all my life did not entail talking! I dabbled with tapping off and on for a while… which consisted of checking out video’s on youtube that demonstrated the EFT/tapping technique and walking through some of the various scripts. My interest was piqued… but I wasn’t sold.

Then I stumbled across an event that changed the way I thought about tapping. The Tapping World Summit. There are 10 days of recorded interviews with Tapping experts who walk you through various tapping scripts. It’s a pretty cool way to not just read about, but really experience, what tapping is all about. Each day’s recording are available for 24 hours. 10 days x 2 interviews per day equals a lot of calls! But even if you just listen to a few of them, it’s free and awesome – and you really can’t beat that! What I experienced when I was listening to the tapping calls was a sense of lightness and calm. It made me realize how powerful the process can be.

I use EFT/tapping on my kids quite a bit. It’s great stuff and both of my kids ask for it now when they’re not feeling great or they can’t fall asleep. Kids tend to be great subjects because they don’t have all the baggage of what will “work” and what won’t! We have so many great tools at our disposal these days. If this tapping business resonates with you, I encourage you to check out the Tapping World Summit at www.tappingworldsummit.com. I’m going to try to take the time over the next 10 days to listen to as many interviews as I can. I’ll be doing my best to balance work, family and spirituatl growth – it’s quite an act! Actually, one of tonight’s presentations is titled, “Overcoming Overwhelm for a Life of Success.” Yes, please!

Love and laughter!  ~Rashel


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One thought on “Tapping… it’s just cool!

  1. Shelley on said:

    Sounds great to me. I have done acupressure as you mentioned, and I have heard of tapping, but have never tried it. So, I will be listening! I’m always open to a holistic approach to healing and staying balanced. Thanks for the website and sharing your experiences with “tapping”. love, Mama

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