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How Did I NOT Win that Basket???

So… this is funny. Luckily I can laugh at myself… and thanks to this blog, you get to laugh at me, too!

I have been reading and listening to a lot of different people talk about the art of manifesting lately. (Yes, still listening to manifesteverythingnow.com, just in case you were wondering). I decided to take a shot at actually implementing all this great information. I was doing a training this week and the location I was training at had a raffle going. At first I ignored all the fancy baskets and went about my business. But then at lunch I decided this was the perfect opportunity to practice manifesting.

Now… before I tell you what I did, stop and ask yourself what you would do. What if you saw a basket that you really wanted and you were going to try to influence your chances of winning… would you blow on the ticket… write your name extra fancy… wait till the very end of the bidding so your ticket was on top? And yes, I’ll admit, I have personally tried all of these tactics in the past. But now I am a student of manifestation… so of course I have a fully laid plan!

So, here’s what I actually did. I walked along the hall of baskets and picked the one I wanted. I took a minute to imagine myself winning the basket. I pictured myself using all of the items in the basket, ensuring that I was smiling and fully enjoying each of the items to the fullest. Then I did some muscle testing to see what unconscious beliefs I might be holding to keep me from getting the basket. (If you’re new to muscle testing you can google it or search it on YouTube – it’s pretty cool!). Apparently, I didn’t think I deserved the basket or needed it… so I did some Reiki and my own version of loving kindness meditation to release these negative blocks… ensuring that they were in fact gone with more muscle testing. YES, I was still training. Luckily these processes are quick and can be done mostly without notice from others. I kept my phone near me so that I would notice when the call came to notify me that I had won. I also let the participants know that I had entered the drawing for the basket and that I expected to win… so that they wouldn’t be surprised when I interrupted the training to answer the phone and accept my prize basket.

SO… as you probably gathered from the title, I did not win the basket. What happened? I was really surprised when I didn’t win. Didn’t I follow all the steps? I keep listening to these people talk about how manifesting is so easy when you release the unconscious blocks and focus your conscious attention on already having what you want. I felt like I did that! Maybe I was too confident? I have read that you should clearly define what you want and then release any need to have it. Maybe I was holding on too tightly to the need to have it?

Well… as is coming to be the theme here in my Spiritual Baby Steps blog… I seem to have more questions than answers. I intend to keep practicing the manifestation techniques. You might be laughing at all the silly things I did to try to manifest that basket. But, at least I’m giving it a shot. Who knows, at some point I might actually get it to work… and THEN you’ll be glad you’re following my blog!

Love and laughter to you all!!! ~Rashel


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2 thoughts on “How Did I NOT Win that Basket???

  1. I wonder to whom did the basket go at the end? We are walking a similar path, with the same questions. Love what is.

  2. I don’t actually know who the basket went to… probably someone who didn’t have quite the desperate need to get it as me! I was good about outlining what I wanted, but not so good at letting go of the need to have it! Loving what is… one of my favorite mantras! Thanks for commenting. ~Rashel

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