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The Healing Bug…

I want to talk about an experience I had this last week. First of all, I signed up for this great teleseminar series through manifesteverythingnow.com – it’s been a very interesting set of phone interviews. The second thing that happened is that I got really sick. Like, the kind of sick that curls your toes. I was in bed, wiped out, fever, chills, exhaustion… not fun! It did allow me some time to re-listen to some of the audio calls, though (now that’s seeing the glass half-full, huh!!)

A funny thing happened while I was listening to these great audio calls on the power of energy medicine, the importance of our beliefs and the impact our thoughts and beliefs have on our actual biology. I realized I had the perfect case study. Usually, I’m listening to these types of audio programs when I feel good. Driving to work or otherwise consumed in the daily routines of life. Chaotic, yes… but state of crisis, no! Well… here I was, as close to state of crisis as I’ve been in a long time. So I figured this was my chance to try it out.

And so I did. I tapped pressure points using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), I listened to Brain Wave Entrainment audio, I muscle tested my unconscious limiting beliefs, I listened to Theta Brain Wave releasing audio, I did Reiki, I let go, and let go, and let go using the Sedona Method and I practiced the breathing techniques from Quantum Touch to release all blockages and limitations in my body and mind.

I know, right!!!  That’s a lot of implementation in the course of two days! Here’s what I found. I could definitely feel the energy when I was practicing Quantum Touch breathing and Reiki. I felt a sense of release when I was doing the EFT and listening to the brain wave and theta audio. Also, I noticed that my breathing was better and my chest was less tight during and immediately following most of the techniques. BUT… nothing really lasted. I was still in bed for 2 1/2 days. I was still exhausted and sick.

One thing that stood out to me as I was listening to these various folks who were being interviewed for the teleseries was that each and every one of them had a similar story of what got then into alternative medicine… after reaching a point of despair and experiencing said alternative therapy – they were then healed and then dedicated their life to helping others discover this amazing healing tactic. I then had my own little “aha” moment. YEAH… I want that! I want to discover my own little miracle technique so I can experience miraculous healing and then teach the world how to heal themselves. Is that weird? Is it just me?

The funny thing is… I don’t believe in  miracle cures! Or magic pills, for that matter! So, what makes me continue to seek out all of these various techniques and healing modalities? Well… it is much easier to look outside ourselves for the answers, isn’t it? There is a part of me that realizes that every single thing in my life starts with my thoughts. I believe that Science has it all wrong… First we are… then we Do… then we Have.  So for now, I’ll leave it at that. More to come next week on how I’m working on “being” in complete opposition to reality!

Love to all… and hope you avoid that nasty bug that’s going around!!!  ~Rashel


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3 thoughts on “The Healing Bug…

  1. That sounds like a lot of work. Move to the country. Way easier. I hope your feeling better.

  2. Shelley on said:

    Rashel~ I so enjoyed your blog this week. I don’t know that I believe in “miracle cures”, either, but I do believe WE posess self healing capabilities within our own psyches. I again defer to my cancer battle. Here I am, 12 1/2 years after my prognosis of 15 months. I absolutely experienced a shift in my unconcscience being during that 2 year battle. As you know I used a lot of holistic practices and treatments in conjuction with conventional medicine. But, to this day I still believe the biggest thing I had going for me was my inner peace with the outcome. I believed I would survive, but I was also OK with the alternative if that was to be. I think having that inner peace freed my mind and body up to heal from within. I think that inner peace comes when we are proactive in the healing of our own bodies and minds. I’m sure I’ll never truly know how or why I beat such odds, but I do know having inner peace and being less stressed has got to be a plus for anyone in any circumstance. XO Mama

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