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Loving What?

Oh right… what is, what is! Thank you, Byron Katie!

If you’re not familiar with Katie’s fascinating spin on life, it really is worth checking out… in a nutshell, she states that every single bit of our discontent comes from arguing with reality.

What would it be like if we didn’t argue with our present moment? Her concept truly aligns with much of what I have come to believe about managing my diabetes. Previously, I would argue with reality… I don’t want this… I don’t have this… this doesn’t affect me… and on, and on. Acceptance was a huge turning point for me. However, there’s a lot of negative connotation around “acceptance.” Does that mean – I give up? Does it mean I don’t care? Or does it mean I’m just not interested in arguing with reality anymore?

I’ve come to believe the latter. Acceptance, to me, means not having to try so hard to change what is currently my present reality. If that sounds funny to you, think for a moment about all the things you complain about. Then take another moment to think about how much time you’d free up if you weren’t thinking about those things. What would it take to accept that this is where you are in your life right now… and that’s ok?

According to the dictionary, the definition of “acceptance” is…
1. the act of taking or receiving something offered.
2. favorable reception; approval; favor.
3. the act of assenting or believing: acceptance of a theory.

4. the fact or state of being accepted or acceptable.
I really see no negative connotations to the actual definition of the word. So when did acceptance become negative… giving up… settling… giving in? What if acceptance took on the positive connotation of approval… believing… receiving! Don’t we all truly desire to be accepted? Why is it so hard to accept others… and, more importantly, ourselves? What does it really mean to accept what is? If what we focus on and tell ourselves every day matters… and I’m a firm believer that it does… how do we move beyond the negativity of “reality” and to a place of happiness… a strong and true, passionate love… of what is in front of us now? Because I really do believe that is, at least in part, the answer… to really and truly live in a place of gratitude and appreciation of what is currently in our lives. Not just sometimes when we happen to think about it… but always and with every breath.
Not that I’m an expert… but I do have a destination postcard! And I just downloaded Byron Katie’s app… The Work – currently on sale for $4.99 – I get no proceeds – just a sincere desire to share!
Let me know what you think about the concept of “Loving What Is.” Yes? No? Still deciding? How does this factor into your daily life? If you’re brave enough to check out the website and start questioning your beliefs… I’d love to hear about it. I know for me, it turned my world upside down! More to come on that in future blogs… for now I’ll wish you all an amazing fabulous HAPPY NEW YEAR and a sincere gratitude for reading along with me. Love and laughter to you in 2012!!

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2 thoughts on “Loving What?

  1. hum….accepting what is, living in daily gratitude. I know that was not me years ago~~. Twelve years ago my life turned upside down. Accepting "what was going on" and living in gratitude was impossible, at first. But, somehow, through meditation, deep introspection of my life, acknowledging all the graces I had been blessed with up to that point in my life, I gained "peace & acceptance". It made the next two years of my life, the time it took to get a clear reading of "NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE", do-able. I truly have been able to live life on lifes terms and be grateful for everyday I'm here. That is a gift I received from dealing with metastatic breast cancer……but the gift is free, you don't actually have to almost die to access it!! Yeah….thanks Rashel, great blog, XO Mama

  2. I didn't really understand what you were talking about with reality. I do now. My wife has Addisons disease. This is something we will have to deal with for the rest of her life. This is our new reality. I don't think of it as good or bad,, just reality. She used to be an athlete. (Still is). She used to run a lot. Now after two years, she is up to almost a mile. (Very proud of her). We have learned that you have to live life, and enjoy as much as possible. She wears a shirt now when she runs that says "Fight Like Hell!!!" Accept your new reality, and set new goals. New achievements.

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